About Me - Dr. James Haley, Superintendent

About Me!

Dr. James Haley, Superintendent

Three things to know about me; I love all kinds of food….I love to laugh and have conversation….and, I love my wife.  But, not necessarily in that order! Since moving to Nebraska 5 years ago, Jill and I have made it our mission to find all of the great, unique places to eat in our state.  Our efforts have been rewarded by finding delicious meals in many out of the way locations. Now, our next 5 years will be dedicated to losing the weight that we’ve gained since moving to Nebraska!

This year marks my 31st year in education.  Working in Wood River is the highlight of my career.  The pride, passion, and high standards of the students, staff and patrons in Wood River make all of the difference.  We are all working to make the educational experience of our students even better, so watch for exciting things that are coming.

My father was a school administrator.  So even though I thought that was the last thing I wanted to do in life, I hit the ground running my first year, and every year is better than the last.  The 2019-2020 school year is going to be fun and productive!

Jill and I have grown children that live in Missouri, Arkansas and Texas.  One of the days, I’d like to have an RV and see all of the sights around the country at a leisurely pace.  Oh, and my favorite thing will be to watch it snow and not get nervous about cancelling school! 

Finally, I’m an animal person, so we have one dog and three horses.  Our dog, Arlie, is a Red Heeler and is 9 years old. The other animals are Quarter horses that I use for team roping.  I don’t get to rope very often these days, but hopefully, I will have more opportunities in the future.  

Truly, my door is always open if you want to visit with me.  We always have biscuits and gravy for breakfast on Fridays, so stop by and your breakfast will be on me!  I look forward to seeing you.