My name is Ron Rickert and I've been on the school board for about 10 years.  I was born here in 1960 and graduated from Wood River Rural High School in 1978.  If you watch "That 70's Show" on TV, the hair and clothes were pretty accurate.  I attended UNL in Lincoln and graduated in the winter of 1982 with a BSEE (Electrical Engineering) degree.  I then worked for Texas Instruments for 7 years supporting an assembly area that produced military electronics. 

In 1989 I came back to farm with my father when he obtained a Pioneer Sales Agency.  Three years later I married a high school classmate, Esther Zavala. She had 3 children and we had twins 3 yrs later, so I went from being a 32 year old  bachelor to having 5 kids (one was a teenager) in 3 yrs!  Tough transition, but very rewarding in many ways.  Since then the number of grandkids has risen to 6 with one great grand kid due in October!  Pretty amazing how life throws you curveballs.  

Serving on the school board has always been very interesting and rewarding.  It has in many ways increased my appreciation for teachers and how hard their job is.  Please don't take all this (school and education) for granted, it's just a short phase in all your lives, but you'll need to keep learning your whole life.  Thanks