About Me- Jeremy Brandt

Hello Wood River Students, Staff and Patrons

In case you don’t know me I am Jeremy Brandt.I am currently the Secretary for the Board of Education here in Wood River. It has truly been and honor and a pleasure to serve in this capacity of public service for the last 3 years. 

 A little about me...I was born in Grand Island, Ne. and my family ties have been from Wood River. I started my schooling in Wood River elementary and we lived on Hwy 11 on the edge of town. 

My folks started working in Grand Island, so we eventually moved to GI, where I graduated high school in 1998. 

While in school I participated in football, band, French club, Boy Scouts and was a Grand Police DEPT Explorer Sergeant. 

My dreams were always to be a secondary high school history teacher or a police officer. I have always had a love for history (I know the most boring subject), but there is so much we can learn from it. While in high school and after graduation I worked at Stuhr museum and taught classes in the summer and worked as a security guard at the Veterans Home in Grand Island, while attending college at CCC. 

For a couple years I was an armed guard for an armored car co., so I guess you could say I was a teacher and kind of a cop once. 

Since I came from a farming family, I had another passion to follow, agriculture. I pursued that avenue while starting a family, and I believe I have been successful. 

I worked a few years for PG Farms, then went to Aurora Cooperative at Wood River.  I started at the bottom of the totem pole as must of us do and slowly worked my way up in my career to running the operations of the Wood River location. 
While working I studied and obtained my NeDEQ certification along with my Nebraska/International Certified Crop Advisor certification. 

After 12 wonderful years at the Coop, decided to look into another ag related career that was always of interest. In mid April 2019, I took a new leadership position as the Noxious Weed Superintendent for Hamilton County. Along with that duty came another department for me to run that I was not familiar with called Planning and Zoning. 

During our years in Wood River, I stayed active in our local Cub Scout Pack 133, Methodist Church Property Maintenance committee, foster family, the Grand Island Elks Lodge and the Nebraska Elks Association as the Youth Activities State Chairman. 

I always tell my kids, scouts and other youth, to follow your dreams but don’t be afraid to fail as that is how you learn!