Wood River Close Up

Close Up students 2016 on the US Capitol steps with Nebraska Representative Adrian Smith.

Close Up students work concession stand fundraiser.

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum: A Holocaust Wall of Remembrance

The American History class, in preparation for their upcoming Close Up trip to Washington D.C., has created a Holocaust Wall of Remembrance in the High School foyer. The class received help with the Wall of Remembrance from United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington D.C and it is open to the public viewing during school hours.

The objectives of the Wall of Remembrance are:

  • To help understand what happened to individuals during the Holocaust
  • That Nazi persecution culminating in the Holocaust was incremental over a period of time and didn’t happen at once.
  • To understand that the events of World War II and the Holocaust are intertwined.
  • To make inferences about the inter-relatedness of time and geographic location to the events that took place, affecting both the individuals and the groups of victims. • To identify individuals, organizations, and nations who had opportunities to respond to the events of the Holocaust.
  • The Wall of Remembrance in the High School foyer will be on display throughout March.The public is encouraged to view the Wall of Remembrance during school hours.