About Me - Wyatt DeJong

Howdy! In case they’re folks in this beautiful world that want to learn about, or be entertained by a smattering of facts that make Mr. Wyatt DeJong the complex hombre that he is, commence toward your reading pleasure. 

  1. Black olives are one of God’s ways of showing that He cares about us in the little things.

  2. Onions are like bad punchlines after a long-winded joke that only makes you regret your time however, they are inferior to the bell pepper that can expertly provide a truly foul taste in a multitude of beautiful colors. 

  3. Teaching is my dream job complete with the occasional nightmare fully loaded with night terrors.

  4. Dogs are man’s best friends which is why cats are just smug and pretentious.

  5. Christmas music should be played whenever you want it or whenever you need it. Music should never be contained to a time period. I will change my stance on this if songs relating to the elements of love are only played in February. 

  6. Debating facts is a fool’s errand.

  7. If an onomatopoeia is truly a word formed by imitating a sound that is made, then why in God’s green earth isn’t the word onomatopoeia spelled phonetically?

  8. Yes! Pineapple will always be welcomed onto my cheesy meat pie. 

  9. Growing up, I cheered for Wyle E. Coyote.

  10. One raisin cookie was the very beginning of my trust issues. 

  11. I’m proud of my tuba playing resume that includes making it to all state band in middle school and accompanying, along with the piano, the entire high school choir for a song during our Christmas concert.

  12. The game of chess is the best game.

  13. Speaking of games, Tetris is a life skill.

  14. Komodo Dragons are oddly majestic but mostly just the spawn of Satan.

  15. I really like lists.

If wondering minds has questions of my past, peruse the following list. 

  1. I grew up on a cattle ranch in south central South Dakota.

  2. My parents homeschooled my three older sisters and I until high school. 

  3. I was elected to national FFA office in 2010-2011.

  4. My degree is in agricultural education but I am also able to teach Biology, speech, business, and middle school English.

  5. Mostly through FFA, I have been able to travel to 49 states, I’ll get to Hawaii someday, Puerto Rico, and ten other countries and includes five continents. 

  6. My teaching philosophy is that if I teach the truth and genuinely love my students, then the outcomes will be as positive as they can be. 

  7. I have completed two half-marathons. 

  8. Once I graduated, I worked in Minnesota as the interim leadership coordinator for MN FFA and then started teaching later that Fall in Winner, South Dakota where I taught for four years. 

  9. I married up when I tricked Zana to saying yes. 

  10. My relationship with Jesus Christ is most important!