About Me - Darren Parlin

My name is Darren Parlin and I am finishing my 27th year as a Social Studies instructor at Wood River. I have been blessed with a terrific wife, Bobbi, and three very energetic daughters, Haley, Abby and Faith. I was born in South Dakota and lived there until I was 7 years old. It was at that time that my father took a job managing an Angus Ranch in Staunton, Virginia. We did not stay in Virginia long and headed back to the Midwest when my dad got a job managing the Wild Rose Ranch South of Wood River. I attended school here and was involved in many activities ranging from sports to music to acting in plays and musicals. After high school I received my Bachelors from UNK and have went on to earn my Masters Degree in history also from UNK. I am a sport’s enthusiast and love any Husker sport as well as Minnesota Twins baseball and Minnesota Viking football. Along with my passion for family and sports, I also have a passion for history and educating young people.  I especially love teaching in my hometown. People always ask me if it is strange teaching in my hometown and at first it was, but as I look at it now it would be strange teaching anywhere else.